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The “poderi”

among the hills of Romagna, the earth oozes wines that embody the territory and its identity


the wonder of frescoed hills

Anyone who crosses the hills from Imola to Riolo Terme, cannot but hold in their eyes the beauty of a landscape that celebrates the earth in all of its shades of colours, ever-changing as the seasons go by.

Wisely cultivated fields and rows of vines exemplify the perfect integration between man’s work and nature, in an evocative union that remains engraved into your senses and memory just like a work of art.



a drop among the gullies in perfect balance for viticulture

We are in the Vena del Gesso Romagnola natural park, the guardian of a prime land suited to viticulture, a gem of the northern Apennines, an Italian mountain range.

Here, surrounded by the harsh scenery of the gullies, there is a small drop-shaped valley, set like a precious stone between the Riolo Terme Valley and the Tremonti area. We are precisely in the hamlet of Mazzolano (Municipality of Riolo Terme and Province of Ravenna), where, for over fifty years, grapes have been cultivated to produce the best wines of Romagna and where, in 2008, Rita Cenni founded her farm Azienda Agricola La Quercia di Lotta Vecchia.


from vines to high quality wines

The Farm La Quercia di Lotta Vecchia covers 55 hectares of land, divided between the estates Podere di Lotta Vecchia and Podere di Lotta Nuova. The vineyards extend into the hilly valley of Mazzolano, naturally surrounded by prominences, at an ideal altitude of about 200 metres, in a mild and beneficial microclimate which, combined with a fertile land, yields grapes with unique characteristics. Trebbiano, Albana, Pinot Bianco, Pignoletto and Chardonnay – a family of white grape varieties – Sangiovese and Merlot – a family of black grape vine type – are cultivated in the “Poderi”.

The peculiar environmental characteristics of the valley, together with wise cultivation and harvesting methods, determine the production of excellent grapes for PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) wines with an unmistakable identity. The grapes indispensable to the wines Sangiovese and Trebbiano di Romagna are grown in the vineyards of La Quercia di Lotta Vecchia.