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everything revolves around harmony


old-fashioned harvest by hand

We use a manual work method right from vine pruning, which is fundamental for the rebirth of the plant and for its subsequent good yield, up to the choice of the bunches and their harvest. The knowledge and manual skills of the ancient peasant tradition, handed down from generation to generation, become essential during the harvest in order to select the best grapes.

The vinification process starts with grapes in perfect condition, both in terms of ripening and cleaning. Each wine production stage is then carefully monitored: right from vine planting, to wine ageing, up to bottling.

The PDO wines we produce undergo several and strict quality checks which ensure that only excellent products are placed on the market.



harmony at the core of production

The production processes of Quercia di Lotta Vecchia respect the people who work there and the surrounding environment.

Through a modern and dynamic company organisation, we strive to promote harmony within our teams and we value those who, with competence and passion, take care of the vines step by step, up to the harvest.

Respect for nature and attention to the territory and its natural balance are the prerequisites for reconciling sustainable development and the protection of the environment.