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a modern vision on the trail of the ancient winemaking tradition of Romagna


the farm stems from the rediscovery of the origins

Rita Cenni had been away for a long time before returning to her homeland, Romagna, to devote herself with passion to the foundation and management of her Viticultural farm La Quercia di Lotta Vecchia. It was a return to the ancient peasant culture, the rediscovery of the passion for viticulture that has characterised the history of her family and her childhood, a memory that has successfully combined with the knowledge and experiences gained in travels outside Italy.

This dual tension becomes vision and is reflected in the symbol of Quercia di Lotta Vecchia, which expresses the founding values of the company: “Quercia” means oak, a tree whose roots, on the one hand, are firmly planted in the land of origin, the ancient agricultural tradition of Romagna; on the other hand, the branches explore various directions and represent the inclination to research and innovation, so as to respond dynamically to the challenges of the contemporary world.

Tradition and innovation come together in this business project that has the ambition to disseminate the excellence of Romagna wines all over the world.



puntoacapo wines: life starts again from here

The label of PuntoaCapo wines evokes the return to your origins and identity, where you need to stop, find yourself and fully experience the emotions of the here and now.

PuntoaCapo recalls the Italian culture and tradition of “being at the table”: the pleasant feeling of gathering around a large table prepared with love like in the old times in Romagna where families, with the flavours of good food and good wine, shared the pleasure of being together.

A glass of fine wine with a full and intense taste to be enjoyed in company is not only a delight for the palate, but can be a real experience, a pause from your hectic everyday life, to savour the pleasures of life and the truest emotions.


fine wines for a true pleasure experience

The wine production of Quercia di Lotta Vecchia focuses on quality, an essential prerequisite for an agreeable experience, during and after a responsible wine tasting.

We only create PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) wines, Trebbiano and Sangiovese di Romagna extracted from top quality grapes, grown exclusively in our vineyards.

We avoid the use of alterants and chemical additives and we limit the use of sulphites, in order to produce genuine wines that maintain their typical characteristics unchanged.