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puntoacapo wines. the pleasure of finding yourself.

Sangiovese and Trebbiano di Romagna, the Red wine and White wine featured in the PuntoaCapo label, are PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) wines whose outstanding characteristics depend on the geographical area in which they are produced and the processing methods used. The grapes from which PuntoaCapo wines are extracted come exclusively from the vineyards of the farm La Quercia di Lotta Vecchia, located in the Mazzolano valley surrounded by the Romagna hills, benefitting from a unique microclimate, able to enhance the best qualities of the fruit, for excellent wines.

We only produce genuine wines that maintain their typical features, limit the use of sulphites, without adding chemical additives that alter their properties. Our PDO wines undergo several and strict quality checks which ensure excellent products. PuntoaCapo wines appeal to the refined taste of the enthusiasts of good living, of those who wish to enjoy peacefully and to the fullest the pleasure of a glass of wine with friends.


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