Sangiovese di Romagna 2020

Sangiovese di Romagna PuntoaCapo is produced exclusively with Sangiovese grapes carefully harvested in the company’s vineyards. This is a wine with a strong, sensual, full-bodied and enfolding character whose alcohol by volume ranges from 12% to 14%, depending on the years. In 2020, alcohol by volume reached 14%.

Ruby red in colour, it has an intense aroma with olfactory sensations of plum, cherry and violet. Pleasingly tannic and well-orchestrated, it pairs well with char-grilled meat and medium-hard cheese.

Prenota le tue bottiglie ed immergiti nell’antica tradizione romagnola

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100% Romagna Sangiovese PDO
Year: 2020
Colour: ruby red
Nose: intense, with olfactory sensations that evoke plums and cherries
Palate: fresh-tasting, rich in alcohol which softens tannins
Pairing: char-grilled meat, medium-hard cheese
Serve at a temperature of 16°/ 18° C
Alcohol (% volume): 14.00%
Bottle: 0,750 l